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Wilderness Photography of Tasmania

This page details current exhibits for my photography. Past exhibit details can be seen here.


1st October 30th November 2011

Ghost Rock Vineyard
cellar door exhibition event, a beautiful collection of framed photography on display.

This display features a spectrum of Tasmanian wilderness, with an emphasis on the southwest Tasmanian coastline.


2nd September 2010 ongoing

Barringwood Park Vineyard
cellar door gallery exhibition, a new set of 16 framed photographs are on display.

A new display portraying a spectrum of Tasmanian wilderness images opened on 28th March 2011 and has been well received to date by all who visit.


10th March 2011 - ongoing

ETC Bakery and Cafe in Elizabeth Town, Tasmania has an art gallery upstairs in the foyer and meeting rooms. Over 30 fine photographic artworks are on display.

Take your time and peruse the artworks. The meeting rooms are open for viewing when unoccupied.


6th November 2010 - ongoing

An exciting new business is opening in Devonport, and a feature of the entry foyer and the dining room walls is a
gallery of images.

I am proud and excited to be the feature artist for this venue.

Tapas Lounge Bar
, 97 Rooke Street, Devonport.