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Wilderness Photography of Tasmania

This page details the use of my photography at various places.


Pine Valley Hut at www.khuts.org

Kia-ora Hut at www.khuts.org

Windy Ridge Hut at www.khuts.org

2010 Calendar feature at ourhikingblog.com.au

Cooking in Labyrinth image used at ourhikingblog.com.au

Cradle Mountain image used at ourhikingblog.com.au

Fungi Photos feature at ourhikingblog.com.au

Winter Photos feature and introduction at ourhikingblog.com.au

2009 Winner in January, June, July, September, November at bushwalk.com

2009 Why I walk, equal winner at bushwalk.com

2009 Mineral, equal winner at bushwalk.com

2009 Animal, winner at bushwalk.com

2008 Animal winner at bushwalk.com

2008 Water winner at bushwalk.com

2007 Photo of the Year winner at bushwalk.com